According to rumors floating around today, Samsung may have just teased its flagship Galaxy S III in its event wrap up video at CES. In the video at 7:11 we see a device that is rumored to be the Galaxy S III.

The device looks more in the lines of Samsung Galaxy Note than the Galaxy S II with its thickness. The screen looks awesome but seems like a mockup for the camera app for Samsung and the bezel around the screen is unbelievably thin, infact the device itself seems too thin. The battery indicator and no else information on the notification bar make it more suspicious. You can have a look at the video yourself below:


If you ask me it seems just a┬ámock-up for Samsung’s presentation and nothing more and we should take it with more than just a pinch of salt. While, we won’t have to wait much longer as we can expect the Galaxy S III to be shown off at MWC (the world’s biggest mobile phone trade show).