So , as I indicated in my last post that Pod2g hinted in his tweet saying the famous hacker i0n1c will have a surprise for us soon and yes , he has . Stefan Esser aka ion1c has managed to successfully jailbreak the iPad 2 running the Apple’s latest released iOS 5.1 . As a proof, he posted some teaser images to confirm the jailbreak .

Actually , ion1c already announced before that he had an exploit up his sleeve from sometime , and since the untethered jailbreak was already out that time for 5.0.1 , he waited and kept the trump card for use in the next iOS. He also says that he will jailbreak “The New iPad” also, as soon as he gets his pre-ordered device at his doorsteps.

For now , there is no info whatsoever if the jailbreak is a tethered or untethered , a userland one or a bootrom exploit. And everyone knows that if it’s a bootrom exploit , it would work on the iPhone 4S too , as the bootrom exploit is based on hardware ( like the one with old 3GS bootrom ) and they both have the same A5 chip . So , this is a big rejoicing moment for users who have mistakenly upgraded their A5 devices to 5.1 and cant downgrade. This time the cat and mouse game ended up very fast. There is no word yet from him when will the jailbreak will be out and in what form it will come out.