When Apple introduced their latest iPhone 4S, it was the same design as the older iPhone 4 but had some new features to make it stand out and one of them was Siri- the personal voice assistant software which got Apple some really rave reviews and users with older iOS devices wanting Siri on their phones while some developers and hackers have been hard at work to port Siri on older devices, they have been only marginally successful and we’ve heard rumors of Apple bringing Siri or Siri like features on their other iOS devices and according to reports there’s just a hint that Apple could be working on it.

The latest iOS 5.1beta 3 brings users a new link within the keyboard settings, explaining the privacy implications of using Apple’s Dictation service. on older devices like iPod touch models or the iPhone 3GS. Although, these devices haven’t been able to use Siri Dictation; this disclaimer could certainly be a hint that Siri or Siri like feature is being worked upon and will soon make its way on these devices.