We all expect the latest version of iPad to come around March and as the dates come closer we’ll be surely feeded with various details and rumors. There have been rumors of two iPads coming this year but we are not quite sure of how much we can count on it. Now according to reports by Bloomberg the next generation iPad or iPad 3 is alrteady into production at Foxconn and will a feature a already many times rumored hi-res display (most probably a Retina Display with 300ppi plus like on their iPhone) and LTE connectivity for blazing fast connectivity and it’ll make its debut in March.

These are the specs we’ve already heard of many times and already expect them to come with the latest iPad but Bloomberg says it has three sources confirming the news. The iPad 3 is also said to have a quad-core processor and a bigger battery to keep it running even on battery hungry LTE.

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