On Tuesday, Apple was granted yet another key patent related to the multitouch functionalities on the iPhone. The patent covers the method in which “oscillator signal interacts with a signal” or to put it more simply the way touch works on iOS. It seems like a big win for Apple but does anyone really care ? The year 2011 can be remembered as the year of patent wars and Apple being in the center of all the lawsuits. The Cupertino based Company has filed lawsuits with nearly every top Android device manufacturer with technical patents and design infringements.

So far the every lawsuit has been expected to destroy Android but none have made a serious impact. There have minor cases like Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 had to be retooled not to be banned but now the modified Galaxy Tab 10.1 isn’t likely to be banned and some older HTC handsets have been banned but they are not very serious because most of them are not even sold now, and HTC is already developing a workaround to prevent any future lawsuits against them. Both of these stories were of high publicity but had a rather lacklusture outcome.

The same circumstances are expected of the newest patent since back in December, HTC was currently seeking into substitute touch panel suppliers, simply because their Atmel maXTouch displays were infringing on Apple’s patents and we can be sure HTC is not the only manufacturer taking this step and by the time Apple would prepare the lawsuit, yes you guessed it right, the infringing devices would have been already been old thus making no stronger impact.

Today. the mobile industry is engaged in lawsuit battles where the company winning the lawsuit doesn’t get awarded much too. Apple will continue to land patents and continue to sue rival manufacturers who’ll continue to rework to avoid any problems in their handsets. And now it seems that world has started to not care anymore because it has grown boring by the day and if nothing huge happens in the world of lawsuits even technology enthusiasts won’t care.

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