This is some serious bad news for iPhone and Blackberry fans in Argentina today as the government has banned the sale on Foreign made smartphones which includes the Apple iPhone and all of the Blackberry handsets, the pair has over 60 % market share of the smartphones in the country.Some other handset makers like Samsung, Nokia, Motorola and LG can still sell their products in Argentina since they have opened their plants in the country. Apple and RIM can avoid the ban by building a factory or plant of their own in the country or by finding a partner that is free to sell its products in the country. Some sources claim that RIM has already started to look out for a partner while Apple appears to be making no move.

Argentina says it has taken this step to boost their own economy which has been quite poor  and once the economy improves and stable it will remove the ban. The economy of the country has been suffering setbacks as the GDP has been shrinking and the Government has been paying large subsidies for farmers.

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