Nokia unveiled the amazing Nokia PureView 808 with a whooping 41 MP camera at the MWC and we were quite amazed and equally impressed by the prowess of the camera sensor but it seems not everyone is excited especially the other makers like Sony.

Sony says the PureView is old technology and the company has used similar pixel zoom technology in its cameras for about a year.Paul Genge, spokesperson for Sony UK, said: “it’s quite clear it’s a development announcement more than a retailable proposition”. That being the case, Genge goes as on saying that “the technology is not new, it’s only what our cameras have done for about a year now.”

Nokia’s PureView technology uses proprietary oversampling algorithms for both performance and pixel binning which is said to be better than standard binning while Sony uses a different technology called pixel digital zoom.

“In that respect, it’s not especially stand out, but within the mobile sector, yes it is, so I can understand why it’s drawn an awful lot of attention,” added Genge.

Well it’ll be interesting to see Sony’s Xperia S going head to head with the Nokia PureView 808 once the device launches.