Phones4U, the UK retailer is advertising something Samsung for March 30 at its Oxford Street branch of its Store in the U.K. So if you got excited thinking it would be the Galaxy S III, kill your hopes right now as the evennt has nothing to do with the Galaxy S III. 

Pocket-Lint got around the venue and they confirm that it has nothing to do with the S III, it is nothing more than the re-opening of a Phones 4U store -undergoing a refurbishment at the moment and at the Store Samsung will open its own floor in the new shop on Oxford Street at the end of the month.

Don’t be disappointed since there was nothing hinting anything exciting from the start of this news although with the unveiling of the new store and Samsung shop, we could see the Galaxy Note 10.1 or even the Projector handset, Galaxy Beam launching here and as some have noticed the curtains which advertises the Samsung event at March 30th seems to have a design hinting something cinematic and Galaxy Beam could be the handset we could get to see here.