We all know that RIM will come up with the new Blackberry OS 10 (previously known as BBX) devices at the end of this year which will decide the fate of the company. About a month ago we had come across two renders of leaked BlackBerry devices running Blackberry’s latest OS one was the Blackberrry London aka Surfboard, a full touchscreen phone and the second was Blackberry Milan, a portrait slider one of its kind. Well apparently it seems the Blackberry Milan has been cancelled even before it being confirmed.

The device is said to be shoved due to some unknown hardware issues. There can always be some issues while the making of a device but this seems to be something big as it canned the device altogether. We also know that RIM is reportedly waiting for the LTE enabled chipsets from Qualcomm so this could be the issue too. We should take all this with a grain of salt because the device is unannounced and everything about it is a rumor but lets hope we get to see a good portrait slider from RIM this year.