We have been now used to the news of the various patent wars in the mobile tech industry and most of those wars have been centered at Samsung and Apple, the men or i’d say the lawyers at Cupertino have been trying hard to get a ban on the Korean company’s devices and this has been going for long now but it seems we are in for some interesting result now as this might be one of the huge blows Samsung has received in the recent past as Apple has managed to get a preliminary injunction against Galaxy Tab 10.1 sales in a US court which prevents Samsung from selling their beloved tablet in the US.

The ruling took place on Tuesday where the US district judge Lucy Koh ruled in Apple’s favor. In her ruling, Koh wrote: “Although Samsung has a right to compete, it does not have a right to compete unfairly, by flooding the market with infringing products.” She also added, “In this case, although Samsung will necessarily be harmed by being forced to withdraw its product from the market before the merits can be determined after a full trial, the harm faced by Apple absent an injunction on the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is greater.” A date for a full trial is yet to be set.

Reports by Reuter suggest that the order would only become effective once the Cupertino company posts a $2.6 million bond “to protect against damages suffered by Samsung if the injunction is later found to have been wrong.”

The Galaxy Tab 10.1 has already got temporary injunctions in countries like Germany and Australia so this isn’t as surprising and we might get to see more countries added to the list even after the US as the Apple-Samsung patent war is spread over almost 10 countries. Samsung and Apple CEO’s had met last month but it seems the talk bore no fruit.

The Galaxy Tab 10.1 is already an obsolete device with its successor Galaxy Tab 2 already on the market but we are yet to see if the Galaxy Tab 2 infringes on some Apple’s patents.