The biggest carrier of Japan, NTT DoCoMo has announced that they will team up for  a big deal with Samsung and other Japanese electronic companies namely Fujitsu, Fujitsu semi conductors, Panasonic and NECto work on semiconductors for smartphones which is dominated by US chip maker Qualcomm. The deal is expected to go final by march 2012.

They will mainly focus on feature-rich, small-size, low power consuming semiconductors all equipped with modern functionalaties such as LTE. Special attention will be paid to LTE and LTE Advanced technologies as the other chip making companies have already started integrating LTE into their chips like Qualcomm’s latest 22 nm S4 Snapdragon chip.

NTT DoCoMo will have the majority of the stake in the deal planning to pour in $5.8 million (450 Japanese million yen) in the joint venture. Although the companies involved are all Japanese but their aim is to compete in the ever evolving global market. Lets hope this joint venture brings some real good technologies for us.