Recently we came across a Sony Ericsson phone, probably its next flagship which appeared on the Bluetooth SIG site, with a 4.55 inch Reality display with a resolution of 720p. Besides it had a 1.5 GHz Dual Core processor and with the awesome sounding 13 MP Camera it promises to be bring back Sony Ericsson back into the game. The phone was branded with a code name of LT28, we always knew it was just a code name so today we have come across a name which might be the official name of the device when it is officially launched at CES.

At CES in January 2012, when Sony Ericsson starts its presentation we might see this Sony Ericsson flagship officially launch with the name Sony Ericsson Xperia Ion. Sony Ericsson filed for a trademark on the Xperia Ion name on December 13th and this might be the last flagship model to have the Sony Ericsson branding after Sony buyed out the shares of Ericsson in the joint venture and will be dropping the Ericcsion name from its phones.

I quite like the name Xperia Ion compared to some really boring names from some other manufacturers. Well on a serious note lets see if this model could bring Sony Ericsson or rather Sony back to the game.