We had reported earlier that the open source Tizen (the successor to Meego) and Samsung’s home grown Bada OS were being merged, but it seems Samsung is not sure of it. They had issued a statement last week that Bada will be merged into Tizen, probably in an effort to pool resources and traction between the two platforms. However, according to a statement issued to AllThingsD today Samsung may not be as certain as the rumor suggested.

Samsung and other members of Tizen Association have not made a firm decision regarding the merge of bada and Tizen. We are carefully looking at it as an option to make the platforms serve better for customers. As Samsung’s essential part of multi-platform portfolio, bada will continue to play an important role in democratizing smartphone experience in all markets. Samsung will also support open source based development and continue to work together with other industry stakeholders.

Samsung may be confused, because we all know that Tizen’s predecessor MeeGo was developed from a merger of Intel’s Moblin and Nokia’s Maemo and saw little success. Therefore the Korean company maybe rethinking its decision. We’ll keep you updated if we get more news regarding it.