We know Samsung has plethora of devices in its line-up. consisting of the huge Galaxy Android smartphones coming in all price ranges, The Tablets range Omnia for Windows Phone, Wave for its Bada phones and some other feature line-ups as well such as Star, Champ but it was difficult to find them all in one store. Well Samsung seems to have thought about it and they have launched their own premium store consisting all its mobile line-up including Tablets. Fortunately we were there too and we got to see the grandest store of Samsung.

The shop is located in City Walk, Mall Saket, New Delhi and is spread about 1600 sq.ft. making it pretty huge. The Nokia-Samsung rivalry could be seen here too as the store is based just opposite the Nokia one while the BlackBerry’s tiny stall lies in between. The store is very creatively designed keeping the consumer in mind, the good thing is the store showcases all the Samsung mobile products and tablets. It boasts of a well-informed staff who will attend to you with expertise in Samsung devices. The store features a large video wall and attractive displays which will surely appeal to the costumers. To add to the fun, a caricature artist will be based at the store and consumers can get their caricatures made on the Samsung Galaxy Note.

Well its nice to see Samsung introducing its own store as it will decrease dependence on third party sellers and we’ll able to choose from the whole line-up of devices that Samsung offers. We would love to see the Samsung store coming to other cities too. What do you say?