So Windows Phone Summit took forward the momentum Microsoft had gained with Surface a couple of days back!

Here is a comprehensive list of changes and additions in Windows Phone 8:

  • Windows Phone 8 to support multi-core CPU, up to 720p screen resolution with existing 7.5 apps working without any issue.
  • Windows phone finally gets expandable storage via microSD card support.
  • Apps can also be installed on external storage!
  • Internet Explorer 10 built-in on Windows Phone 8.
  • Microsoft claims IE10 on WP8 will have 4x faster JavaScript performance and 2x HTNL 5 feature support over WP 7.5
  • It will be easier to port games to Windows Phone from other platforms.
  • If the phone has NFC and a “secure SIM” from your carrier, you can make payments.
  • Nokia maps built-in on Windows Phone, save all the map data you need now on the microSD card and use it offline.
  • Windows Phone 8 to focus more on enterprise – encryption, secure boot, device management, familiar office apps added.
  • Live tiles improved – more customizable, pin what ever you want and re-size each tile as per convenience.
  • Live Tiles will have more colours in Windows Phone 8.
  • Same Direct X support on Windows 8 PCs and Windows Phone 8. Taking an app from PC to Phone.
  • Chase bank app coming soon to WP with WP8 Wallet support.
  • Developers can integrate in-app purchases with the WP8 Wallet for payments.
  • Windows Phone 8 supports same driver model as Windows 8.
  • Multitasking improvements and a new speech platform also coming on Windows Phone 8.
  • Windows Phone 8 supports gaming middle-ware for physics simulations, etc.
  • Native Code will allow games written in C and C++, which is a huge boon for developers.
  • Havok 3D Physics Simulation on Windows Phone.
  • Asphalt Heat 7, Nova 3, Big Fish Fairway Solitaire coming to Windows Phone 8.
  • Simplified porting from Android and iOS, which will mean more money for devs and faster times to market.
  • INRIX live tile shows traffic updates, Speech UI notifies you of accidents along your route!
  • Businesses can host custom apps and users can install them from WP8 without any interaction with Microsoft’s Marketplace.
  • One App Model, but you can mix XAML, C#, C++, Direct X, and HTML5.
  • Integrated Speech UI for all developers.
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