Microsoft has always been quite passive  on their updates on Windows Phone but it seems they too have given up on pressures by carriers. Microsoft has announced via the Windows Team Blog that it will no longer provide detailed information on its Where’s my Phone Update site. Microsoft’s Eric Hautala has mentioned in the blog post “As we continue our growth, we won’t be individually detailing country, model, and carrier details on the Where’s My Phone Update site any longer. And instead of my weekly blog posts, the official Windows Phone website will be the primary place for news and information about our updates.”  This means that country specific data and information about updates will no longer be available for WP7 users.

And as reported by TheVerge, the latest Windows Phone update, build 8107, introduces some important bug fixes, including a security-related change to revoke a number of digital certificates. The update is “available to all carriers that request it,” according to Microsoft, thus indicating that carriers could prevent consumers from receiving essential improvements and security fixes in future.

We are already seeing some outcry on Microsoft’s decision and we hope it’ll make it change Microsoft’s mind or think of a better plan regarding it’s future updates for Windows Phone.