There were rumors about the Nokia Lumia 800 coming to States as part of a bundle and if reports are to be believed they are true. According to reports Nokia Lumia 800 Entertainment Bundle was to officially go on display February 26th at Microsoft stores but it seems you can get it even now in some stores right now if you checkout.

The bundle will bring the phone itself, which is compatible with AT&T’s network and to be more specific, it supports WCDMA/HSPA at 850/1900/2100, along with it you’ll get a Nokia Play 360 Bluetooth speaker, Nokia Purity HD headphones and a Luna Bluetooth headset. The bundle comes with two colors to choose from: black and magenta and will cost you $899 which if you ask me is quite pricey even with the goodies it comes with.

If you can’t wait for the Lumia 900 to be made available in the States and you have lusted over all those stuff in the bundle along with the Lumia 800, you can check out the list of Microsoft retail locations in the source link.