We already reported of the Nokia flagship Lumia 900 to be available on AT&T in March thanks to a leaked developer newsletter, and now we have another source who claims to have received news from a well informed source, close to the carrier, which says,  the Nokia Lumia 900 will hit the AT&T shelves on March 18 (as previously reported) and will cost $99.99.

The March date availability was somewhat expected, but the price tag the rumors suggest is pleasantly shocking. If the pricing is true then it could be the device which Nokia and Microsoft need to gain some much needed traction, and, in fact, it could be a game changer for the two companies. It makes complete sense when you think about how much money Nokia and Microsoft are planning to spend promoting the launch.

The  4.3 inches of non-PenTile WVGA AMOLED goodness and a 1.4 GHz Scorpion CPU, which would run Microsoft’s platform smooth and fast and the beautiful industrial design would be an awesome device to have at $99.99. Well we certainly hope the rumors come true, because at that price, we certainly see a big hit for Nokia and Microsoft.