Sony has announced the launch of the new SxS series memory cards which offers ultra-high data transfer rate. The new SxS PRO+ AND SxS-1 announced by Sony India will be targeting semi-professional and professional video makers. The SxS Pro+ delivers transfer speeds of up to 440MB/s read and 350MB/s write while the SxS offers transfer speeds up to 440MB/s. These kind of I/O speeds are perfect for 4K video recordings and reduces the transfer time. To get the maximum output from these two memory cards the new SxS Reader Writer and PSZ SSD series are recommended.

The SxS series comes with an advanced interface of PCI Express Generation 2 and a newly developed intelligent controller. Sony SxS Pro+ and SxS-1 memory cards are highly reliable and secure with features such as data-error correction and data refreshing functions for secure data recording. These new memory cards are also durable being dust-proof.

The new memory card series will be available at select stores across India for:

  • SBS-32G1A SYM will be available in February at a price of Rs 22,000.
  • SBS-64G1A SYM will also be available in February at a price of Rs 36,000.
  • SBP-64B SYM (PRO PLUS) is now available at a price of Rs 51,875.
  • SBP-128B SYM (PRO PLUS) is selling at a cost price of Rs 82,625.