Strontium Technology Pte Ltd, a digital storage manufacturing company from Singapore, has launched it’s Nitro MicroSD card with an OTG Card Reader(kit) in the Indian market. The Class 10 microSD card maximizes the UHS-1 technology giving outstanding NITRO performance assuring transfer speed of at least 85MB/s (566X).

The OTG Card Reader (USB 2.0) allows for data storage and transfer between OTG-compatible devices through the microSD card. It can be very useful when large amount of data is to be carried as usually there is always a problem of low space.
The customers need not worry about the product as it comes with Strontium Limited Lifetime Warranty and free Door-to-Door warranty service in India. So all the customer has to do is contact the company and they will get it fixed and deliver the product at your home.

The Nitro MicroSD card is available in three different storage capacities, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB which costs Rs.789, Rs.1449 and Rs.3099.