WhatsApp, the de facto messaging app of the world, has officially confirmed that it will support up to 5 WhatsApp accounts on the same device in the next 2 months. This development will be of significant benefit to all the WhatsApp users who have more than one WhatsApp account on one phone.

WhatsApp is on the verge of launching a new beta version of its app that will allow users to connect multiple devices, including tablets, smartphones, and computers. The company has confirmed to TechCrunch that it is currently testing a new version of the app that will support up to four devices at once, anonymously, on one account.

The WhatsApp team today confirmed at the F8 conference that they are working on an update to WhatsApp for Android and iOS, which will allow users to group chats and send messages to multiple people on a single device. We’ve been expecting this move for some time, and WhatsApp has been very clear that they are working on this update. We’ve seen some UI hints, including a screen that shows the number of people in a chat, but until today we didn’t know that WhatsApp would be making this feature available in the form of a group chat.

WhatsApp is testing the ability to use the service on multiple devices at once starting in 2019. WhatsApp CEO Will Cathcart and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg confirmed in an interview with WABetaInfo that multi-device support will be launched in the public beta within two months.

However, there is a limit, so you can only connect 4 paired devices. WhatsApp on iPad can also be supported with the multi-device option. This new feature allows users to use the same account on four iOS or Android devices without having to delete the app on the first device.

Users can also log into their accounts on multiple devices at once. In an interview, the Facebook CEO also confirmed that there will be a disappear mode in the near future. This will automatically enable the volatile message option in new threads. The Watch Once feature will also be available. When this feature is enabled, the recipient can access your photos and videos only once, after which they disappear from your chat. Today, WhatsApp also unveiled the WhatsApp for iOS beta program through TestFlight for 2,000 users. It could be opened up to more users in the future.