The kind folks sent us lots of goodies to review, so we’ll be doing a series of reviews of products from them. Laptopmate is a US based brand providing power solutions for Laptops as well as Phones, which is why we are reviewing their products today. They sent across their flagship product, the Astro Power bank – they sent 2 of their Power bank, in this review we are talking about the one rated at 5600 mAh. Their Power bank are really useful for those of you who travel extensively and have lots of gadgets which are always running out of battery. So let’s see how they perform.
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The powerbank was very well packed, and the shipping was very fast and hassle free. The packing was very compact and well organized, in the box was the Power Bank, 2 USB cables, with number of extensions which enable you to use the products with all sorts of products having different ports. Besides all the hardware there was a detailed 2 page manual with all the instructions.


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The battery is very well design, sleek and looks stylish with a elegant and stylish finish – it does not feel cheap, with two very well placed USB ports and a flashlight as well, it is a complete power solution – there is also a led light indicator, which looks very stylish – and indicates the battery level of the Power Bank itself. The cables and extension provided are also of high quality, and easy to fit and use. The build quality is very compact and impressive, full points to Laptopmate for the same.

You can check out our video for the unboxing and the demo of the power bank :

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I travel a lot, and my usage of my phone and my tablet is very heavy – and I take them with me wherever I go. This solution for all the battery woes is way better and easier than attaching a bulky extended battery to your phone, though that’s a fair enough solution or always searching for power points to charge your devices.

The Power bank took around 4 hours to be fully charges, and that’s pretty impressive as 8400 mAh is not a small capacity by any standards. The Power bank charged by BlackBerry around 3 times a day, which is almost 2 full battery cycles from 0 to 100, and my tablet once a day – and it still had some juice left by the end of the day !

The power bank helps you unclutter your self, no need to deal with too many cables, and power points – just a compact 4 inch USB cable along with the not so big Power bank itself is all you need. I found the performance upto the mark and will recommend everyone who is on the go and travels a lot with their gizmos, to get themselves one of these.


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Laptopmate is a fairly new company though their quality of service and build quality and performance of their product was outstanding ! We enjoyed sing their product, it is modestly priced at near about $50 on their Amazon store, which is absolute value for money keeping the capacity in mind. We do hope Laptop mate continues to innovate and comes up with better form factors (not that this is bad) and higher capacities ! We’re surely looking forward to more from them !

Do stay tuned for Part 2 of this review in which we take a look at the smaller variant of the Power bank rated at 5600 mAh.



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