With the welcoming of golden leaves and crisp breeze comes also a time for creative disguises and delicious treats. As the average home owner decorates their yards with spider webs and broom sticks, the average Android owner decorates their homescreens with disturbing live wallpapers and shortcuts to creepy apps.

The 21st century has welcomed the celebration of Halloween with a spin of technology. Even Andy is dressing up for Halloween this year. With that said, before you take the kids out trick-or-treating or head to that party that is bound to keep you bedded the next morning, gear up your Android device and have a little pre-Halloween fun.

Are you thinking of throwing a Halloween party, but you’re running out of time and not sure where to start? For $.99 you can purchase Halloween Planner, a handy app that will help you figure out exactly what you need to throw the best party of the year.

No party is complete without music. Download Halloween Music, plug your device into your speaker dock, and listen to 15 minutes of lopping Halloween music.

Most likely, you have already designed the perfect costume for this year’s Halloween events. If, however, you are still having trouble coming up with that oh-so-perfect outfit, Google Play has you covered. Sprouts Lab has created an app that suggests random costumes just by shaking your phone. If you already have an idea of what you would like to be, but you can’t quite put it together, Costumes for Halloween allows you to search for keywords to help spark your imagination.

Are you jealous of the spooky undead makeup you’ve seen your friends applying with ease? Learn how to apply black eyes, abrasions, cuts, and burns by following sawati’s simple step by step horror make-up course.

Before you send you kids out trick-or-treating, be sure to download the free Trick or Tracker on yours and your loved ones phone. During the registration process, parents can input their contact info and. after installation, setup the phones to pair with each other. You can set the app to notify you on a regular basis of your child’s location every 15 to 60 minutes, or just turn it off all together. If your child is lost, they can choose to “Locate Parent,” “Send Location,” or find out where they are. This is by far, the most important app to have if you plan on allowing your children to trick-or-treat.

Halloween is the perfect time of year to share pictures with your friends on Facebook. Ghost Camera allows you to go a step further by creating a ghostly atmosphere on each one of your pics.

One of the best parts of Halloween is to prank your friends. There is nothing better than watching your friend slowly work themselves up into a fright. Fake-Call Me Halloween edition allows you to schedule fake calls of evil, scripted conversation, and will have you laughing your butt off at your friends.

Before you dress up yourself, spend a few moments dressing up your phone. Halloween Sound Board has a slew of creepy ringtones and notification sounds like graveyard haunting, monster screams, and sad moans, which are perfect to get you into a frightening mood. If you are a fan of the epic movie that introduced Michael Myers to the world, Halloween Live Wallpaper and clock is for you. The live wallpaper package includes several scenes from the movie and two different clock widgets. To top it all off, if you are a Go Launcher user, you can deck out your phone with its Halloween theme, which includes many custom icons and five HD wallpapers.

Of course this is not even close to a partial list, but it gives you a head start on getting in the Halloween spirit. If you want to find more, simply search “Halloween” within Google Play.