immortals1We all are familiar with WWE, the famous fighting franchise is now served to you in an interesting format. Released in Jan, 2015, WWE Immortals was developed by NetherRealm Studios in conjunction with Phosphor Game Studios.

The gameplay is designed by the same folks who brought us the now famous, ‘Injustice : Gods Amongst Us’. In the game, our WWE superstars are presented in an alternate universe with powers no less than superheroes. This game is available as free-to-play on both the Apple itunes store and Android Play Store and can pretty much run well on any Android device of today’s day and age. What you will like is how the WWE stars are portrayed as heroes of sorts.

immortals3The WWE characters have been revamped with every element possible to make them look like legitimate fantasy world characters. This alternate form makes them look even more bad ass, John Cena in particular with his cape. Controls of the game are pretty simple, A simple swipe or tap can help you bring your opponent down. What is important is timing and choice of attack and you may take down the enemy pretty easily.


What can keep you hooked onto the game are the stunning and realistic visuals. On a 5.5 inch Full HD OnePlus screen, things looked very crisp. These visuals, specially when executing heavy attacks are gripping enough to make you spend time with the game, experimenting and unlocking further characters. One can even purchase a ‘Booster Pack’, a booster pack is a collection of extra powers that are available as in-app purchases.

One can either get equipment, fighters or upgrades. Some other cards will help you unleash better attacks or special powers. A stamina meter keeps your matches in check, if your run out, you may have to wait to recharge the stamina bar or pay to get it recharged.

While reading this review, one must consider that I had all together left WWE almost a decade ago, despite all that, this game managed to impress me. Its simpistic, while still making sure to execute the minor details. The upgrades and purchase method are decent enough and worth giving a shot. Considering that WWE has a large fanbase, this game has great potential of massive virality. When you are getting an equivalent of a high-end console game, free of cost to download, there should be hardly anything stopping you to get this heck of a hack and slash gamer. We give WWE Immortals a 4.0/5.0.

WWE Immortals Android : Play Store

WWE Immortals iTunes : itunes