P9920394Sound is itself is a difficult element to quantify specially when judging headphones. There are innumerable variables to consider like which kind of music do you like and what environment would the pair be used in and what kind of comfort fits your style.


These mammoth of a headphones , The Sony MDR-XB920 come in hot by portraying a personality of their own. They sound in general equally well and there is even a good chance that you will fall in love with them at the first sight .

Build quality :


The MDR-XB920 come in two color options : Black and Red. Reviewed here is the more striking Red variant. Sony is a leading hardware designer when it comes to electronics. Not only do they look every bit Sony and Premium but they feel the same.


Plastic and metal are the two prime ingredients used to craft this piece with the former used in the most subtle and polished way to compliment the metal accents. Being Bass-y headphones and not Acoustic monitoring ones they do not have opening and are primarily closed headphones. The only openings one would find is the Bass vents at the bottom.


Talking premium all over ,the covers on the headphone units are made of metal, which has a shiny steel finish. The earcups, which are very fluffy, are covered with faux leather and soft cloth.

The headband is adjustable with height and the earcups swivel to make them easy to be bagged while travel.


The unique design touches make XB920 stylish and good-looking headphones. Sony has made sure that no matter where you wear it they are made to draw attention.

Comfort :


In terms of comfort its a win. Sony has made these headphones light enough to be worn with discomfort for hours.The quality of passive noise cancellation is also good. While using XB920 we did not hear ambient noises.

Sound and performance :


In case you still haven’t joined the dots, the XB in the name stands for eXtra Bass. These headphones are made to deliver high quality Punchy Bass and it really does ! Infact it’s so fantasticc at doing this job that you cannot just make do with any other headphone till almost a week after using these Gorgeous pair.

These headphones do pick up the low frequencies extremely well and even the slightest of lows are delivered and well replicated inside the earcups.

But mind it Sony has not completely gone all out behind Bass and ignored the Mids and highs. The XB920 does a bloody good job and reproducing those frequencies as well. They can handle almost any genre of music that you throw at it and will definitely live upto your expectations.