OppoOppo has come to Mobile World Congress this year with an Innovative promise and let’s hope this year this idea comes to life, unlike last year. That promise is a lossless 10x optical zoom that you’ll be able to obtain from a new triple-lens camera system.

The key component to Oppo’s system is a periscope setup inside the phone. The way this system works is: the light comes in through one lens, gets reflected by a mirror into an array of additional lenses, and then arrives at the image sensor, which sits perpendicular to the body of the phone. And the telephoto lens in Oppo’s array has a 35mm equivalence of 160mm. Between that lens, a regular wide-angle lens, and a superwide-angle that’s 16mm-equivalent, you get the full 10x range that Oppo promises.

Oppo has added optical image stabilization (OIS) to both the main camera, which will feature a mighty 48-megapixel resolution and the telephoto lens. With all 3 lenses, the phone can cover broad focal lengths of 16mm-160mm which make up 10x Lossless Zoom. OPPO has also placed two AF motors – for the main camera and wide-angle lens – in the same module, saving 13% of space, so that a larger sensor on the telephoto lens can be installed for sharper and more realistic image quality.

The media at MWC 2019 were offered a prototype device and as per reports the device’s software was locked down to simple photography and the video shooting capability was locked down.