Joaquim Verges, the developer of the famous third party android twitter client – Falcon Pro after facing months of trouble with the new twitter API and its restricted refresh limit has launched a new version of the app today on Google Play Store.

Earlier due to the same twitter drama, he had to pull the app from Google Play Store. Actually the app faced a downfall due to piracy. It was a paid app which could have run absolutely fine if the app wouldn’t have been so popular amongst pirated users. This exhausted the token limit and hence no more users could sign up. To serve its loyal customers who actually paid a price, the developer came with a workaround to use our own API keys with the app, keeping the updates alive. The app is still available at http://getfalcon.pro.

Today, launching a new version with a brand new user interface the app has been uploaded on Google Play Store once again. This time the app has been made available as a free download on the Play Store but actually the app is not free. The intelligent implementation of in-app purchase handles this. After facing that trouble this had to be done. The app charges $3.99 for a primary account and $1.99 for extra account. This is a one-time purchase which shall be linked to your account and will be available on all of the synced devices. There is a trial available with limited functionality.

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To know more and download hit the play store from the link here.