Bowers & Wilkins purveyors of the premium loudspeaker products for the past fifty years on March 11, 2015 launched three new products in India. Bowers & Wilkins are known for their audio quality and are put to use in leading recording studios including the famous Abbey Road Studios in London and Skywalker Sound in California.

The brand has been in India but being off-mainstream with a specific targeted audience it has not been much into news. The company’s motto – ‘Listen and You’ll see’ has been well derived by some of the famous artists which makes it special. Bowers & Wilkins on March 11 announced three new products in India which are Bowers & Wilkins T7, Bowers & Wilkins p5 Series 2, and Bowers & Wilkins C5 Series 2.

B&W T7 is a wireless Bluetooth loudspeaker with compact size and an extraordinary design. It is based on B&W’s micro matrix technology which promises better audio quality keeping the distortions low. T7 has two 50mm drivers and two lareg passive radiator. T7 works on aptX Bluetooth streaming technology and offers upto 18 hours of playback. T7 has been price at Rs. 29,900.


B&W P5 Series 2 is a successor to the P5 which features power, precision and true Hi-Fi sound alike the P7. It is a portable device made to be used on the go with its lightweight, comfortable and luxurious build. The P5 Series Series 2 costs about Rs. 23,500.

B&W C5 Series 2 successor to C5 is a pair of in-ear headphones with an improved drivers resulting in an better audio quality. The design though remains the same with a loop that fits in your ear but they sound far better. The C5 Series 2 is made available for Rs. 15,499.

All Bowers and Wilkins products are available at the Apple Retail outlets in India.