KaiOSKaiOS has apparently grown a lot in past year with its 35+ million feature phone users. And it got a huge push by Google with its $22 Million investment. This is a section under Series A investment by Google which is providing to KaiOS to grow it more.

KaiOS has already partnered with lots of renown brand like Nokia, Micromax, TCL, Jio, AT&T, T-Mobile. The huge investment by Google is to make it a better platform for users. The OS supports 4G LTE, Wi-Fi, and GPS which was the main initiative to bring next billion people online.

The most used app like facebook, twitter, and WhatsApp have already headed towards Kai OS. Google will now help to develop the well known and useful apps like Google Maps, YouTube, Search and even the Google Assistant for it. As the feature phones have a numerical keyboard, Assistant will be a big help. This will help them to connect more to the general users.

With this huge investment and support, we hope to see more useful features on KaiOS in upcoming years.

Source – Techcrunch

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