JioPhone Google Maps
After confirmation of Facebook, WhatsApp, and YouTube app for Jio Phone. Reliance Jio pushed a new update which brings Google Maps to the feature phone powered by KaiOS. While the three new apps Facebook WhatsApp and Youtube will be coming on the 15th of August. The new Google Maps app would also be available on the Jio Phone 2.

The Google Maps app is specially built for KaiOS as the Tech Giant Gooogle partnered with the software company to increase its feature and provide valuable apps to the feature phone users.

For installing the app in Jio Phone, you’ll need to update the software of the KaiOS on your Jio Phone. After that, head to the JioStore (Jio app store) and you’ll see the option to download Google Maps on the homepage. Although the app here will have very limited access. Users will get simple features like find places, get directions, explore the map, and get your bearings. You can also see information like current traffic or bike routes.

As we’ve seen that the Google Map needs a lot of memory, here in the KaiOS, the app will come in layers format i.e users will able to see the pieces of information in layers, or special map views.  Starting from searches for specific places, search for types of places and your current location on the map, everything will be in layers.