Last year, Microsoft redesigned its Remote Desktop application for Android, with a new rendering engine, support for Windows 10 virtual desktops and more. Microsoft has released another important update, this time for Chromebooks and other devices with a physical keyboard.

Microsoft Remote Desktop v10.0.9 is now available on the Play Store. The most notable change is the support for dark mode. When your system theme is installed in dark, the login interface and control panel are not hidden, but the appearance of the remote desktop does not change.

There are also some significant improvements that will especially benefit Chromebooks. Currently, Remote Desktop is fully compatible with x86_64 processors, so most Intel- and AMD-based Chromebooks will run with improved performance. Fixed bugs related to clipboard synchronization, LED key support and a few others. The full log of changes can be found below.

What’s New!

  • Supports dark mode on Android 10 and later.
  • Native x86/x64 support for Chromebooks.
  • Fixed problems with synchronization of clipboard redirection.
  • Added clipboard redirection to the Add/Edit PC user interface.
  • LED key support on external keyboards.
  • Fixed bug that caused the workspace URL to be auto-populated.
  • Identifiable keyboard and screen readability errors.
  • Address reliability issues identified in accident reports.

This update increases the minimum required Android version to v7.0 Nougat, so some older devices may be left behind. Microsoft has been slowly ramping up the system requirements in recent months – version has been supporting Android 6.0 since December, and July’s update, v10.0.8.1088, is the last version to support Android 4.0.