A new developer portal released by Microsoft –, is an initiative made by Microsoft to help developers interact with them. This portal will be a boon for the developers as this will enable networking, will offer expert guidance and solve all queries of the developers. This will tend to increase the efficiency and easiness of the developers.

The developers can join the communities and can gain insights collectively. This is a very powerful tool for developers and being more important for India as India being the second largest developer population based. The Indian developers can easily connect with their peers worldwide and also experts from Microsoft which are just a click away.

There is an area named “perspective” where developers can  give or suggest their app ideas. Similarly in the “connect” area, the developers can share their knowledge and get insights from forums and also from Microsoft experts. Right and reliable information can be obtained easily. This will definitely help the developers learn and increase their knowledge effectively.

The three main features of this portal is:

  • Simple:The developers can easily built an app for Microsoft platform in a simple manner
  • Relevant:The developers can easily get connected with other developers across the world and also with the Microsoft experts and obtain relevant information and knowledge.
  • Community Driven:Exchanging ideas and engaging with fellow developers will become easy.

The motive behind this portal is that, Microsoft wants their developers to enhance their skill set and reuse codes to built apps. They also provide the ability to target apps for consumers as well as businesses.