What if you could get the Samsung Galaxy Note for half the price? With half the performance, now you can.

The new BLU D510, having a 5.3″ screen, is now on sale for $260 at Negri Electronics.

The Basic Differences between the Galaxy note and the D510 are the resolution changes from 1280×800 to 800×480 turning it into a pixel density of 175. The dual-core 1.4GHz Exynos as found on the Note has been downgraded to a Lot weaker 800MHz single-core CPU with 256MB of RAM.

Other than that, The D510 is a dual-SIM phone, with both SIM slots providing UMTS 820/1900/2100 bands, granting it access to AT&T’s 3G Network if you’re in the US.

It is also equipped with all the regular functions, like A-GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi, and microSD support, like the Galaxy Note it has Android 2.3 as an Operating system and is powered by a 2500mAh battery.

If you are ready for an unlocked GSM “tabphone”, the D510 is now available.