No surprises here as iPad is still the leader in the tablet market, being responsible for 15% of all mobile traffic according Chitika.

While there is no doubt about the strong position of iPad, tough competition for market share is at an increase.

According to Chitika’s network, The Amazon Kindle Fire made an average of 2.4 ad impressions for every 100 iPad impressions. RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook being just behind, it viewed an average of 1.8 ad impressions for every 100 iPad impressions, closely followed by the Samsung Galaxy with 1.6 ad impressions and the Motorola XOOM with 1.55 ad impressions.

Chitika said. “It has taken some time for other players to elbow their way in to the market, but with these tablets paving the way and the demand for tablets continuing to grow, perhaps the coming year will bring more opportunities for other players to enter the field and bring their own innovations to the table.”

It seems that the iPad is about to face tough competition in the near future, the fight for the market has just gone up a notch.