We all know Mozilla is busy developing its Firefox OS which was previously called Boot2Gecko based on HTML5 to compete against giants like Apple, Google and Microsoft and now we have the early screenshots of the OS thanks to Mozilla evangelist Robert Nyman. We already came across screenshots of the OS once but now it looks way more different (although no way different from the current heavyweights Android and iOS) and most probably close to what the final deal will be.

As Nyman states the screenshots are a work in progress and could change till the final build but the UI we can see right now seems heavily inspired by Android and iOS. You can check out the screenshots below:


The homescreen and the dock seems the iOS influence while we can see the Android impact in the settings menu, lockscreen and the notifications drawer which also borrows a bit from Samsung’s TouchWiz UI.


If this is the close to the final deal then it seems to offer nothing interesting but we shouldn’t really form an opinion before getting hands on with it and we hope Mozilla brings something exciting to the table when the OS is shown off in all its glory