Kenko Tokina is all set to release their new mirror lens – a 400mm f/8 in Japan this Thursday. With this it is also launching the E-mount version for Sony’s NEX system.

The compant also announced that it will be making lenses for the Micro Four Thirds standard. They have already made this lens for Canon, Nikon, Sony Alpha, and Pentax SLR mounts. The expected price is ¥22,000, or around $290, bringing it in the more affordable range.

A mirror lens is one in which light, instead of passing through the curved glass elements, bounces around inside the barrel. This particular mirror lens is a little bit longer than most mirror lenses and is also a little heavier and more expensive compared to other lenses of its kind. It also limits you to only manual focus, as the aperture is fixed. You can get effects like unique, unusual bokeh, but its use is limited to shooting stationary objects and far from shooting landscapes and fast objects.

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