Apple rose to victory against Android as Apple’s case against Motorola might have brought about some positive implications for Apple. This could positively impact Apple’s cases against Anroid and those against Android- companies like Motorola, HTC, Samsung.

Apple’s use and interpretation of the term “real-time API” in the 6,343,263 patent (“real-time signal processing system for serially transmitted data”) was understood and agreed to by the Judge. This will make the argument more difficult for Android.

As told by blogger Florian Muller”a jury is very likely to find Android to infringe the patent based on that construction but  much less likely to deem the patent invalid”. The judge seems to have sided with Apple’s case.

The next case coming this summer will be Apple v/s Motorola in Chicago, the outcome of the Motorola lawsuit will be interesting to see. Andy Rubin has been accused by Apple to have got the inspiration for Android while working at Apple. Google can be found in charge for willful infringement.It will be amusing to see the Jury’s decision.

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