LG Electronics has just announced its 55” OLED television which has the world’s largest OLED TV panel which was revealed last week by LG Display. The TV will feature at CES for the world and tech media to see what a beauty it truly is, it’s incredibly thin at a 4-mm profile and conveys what a stunning piece of Tech this is. LG claims that unlike the overly saturated OLED panels we’ve seen throughout, their display combines their image processing with the WOLED panels produce a “the most natural colours of TV set” and also at a “much lower price point” than the OLED panels of this size would really cost and its colour refiner helps ensure consistent colour across a wide viewing angle. These are all very important developments in LG’s march to make WOLED displays “the future of home tv entertainment”.

LG USA’s Tim Alessi, director of new product development told the press that the TV is likely to go on sale in the fourth quarter of this year while the price isn’t revealed yet. What do you think about this beauty from LG, will you be getting one ?