Days after the one of the worlds largest file sharing sites was taken down by a joint operation led by the United States, registered users of the site are demanding clarification on what will eventually happen to their accounts, and more importantly, the data hosted on MegaUploads’ servers.

According to reports after the site take down, several data centers of MegaUpload were raided and information was seized from those data centers. The US Govt. is believed to be in possession of user data hosted on MegaUpload.

As a result of this (unjustified) action, not knowing how or when uploaded information will be returned back, individuals and groups across the world are considering suing the US Govt, particularly the FBI. The idea is to register as many complaints against the US authorities as possible in as many countries as possible. Groups facilitating this idea, claim that the time has come for Internet users to leave their mark on the system by defending themselves against such unjust abuse from law enforcement authorities and also by shifting to an offensive strategy.