Sony has a been forced to remove PSP titles from the PlayStation Store in an attempt to close security holes in the PS Vita. The problem creating titles, Motorstorm : Arctic Edge (named Raging Ice in Japan) and Everybody’s Tennis, can be used to run hacker Wololo’s Vita Half-Byte Loader (VHBL) that can achieve unsigned homebrew code. The move by Sony now results in the inability to download a previously purchased game again.

Wololo claims that VHBL can only be used for homebrew software and has no support for pirated PSP or Vita titles. And like his previous ‘hello world’ stunt on Vita, it runs inside the system’s sandboxed PSP emulator, which means the root level access to the Vita is probably some way off. Still, Sony will probably not like to take any chances with the Vita’s security after the out of control piracy on the PSP. Removing these titles from the store seems like a faster solution than finding the loopholes through firmware. Wololo claims to have some more stunts up its sleeve, so the fight continues.