Asus Transformer Prime was the Tablet we all drooled for being the first Tegra 3 quad-core monster but it has seen some problems coming its way lately, GPS problems and a locked Bootloader that has been received with much flak from the Android modding communities. But leaving all the issues behind, the device has received a minor OTA update v8.8.3.33 .

The update should make few users happy who use GPS extensively as the GPS issue has been fixedalthough we don’t see a word on bootloader, the update is said to fix usual performance issues and GPS and camera performance specifically. After rebooting when the update is done you’ll get another update specifically for the camera. We all know how awesome this powerful slate is thought the locked bootloader is a huge disappointment. Also check our unboxing video for more on the tablet and the bootloader stay tuned, as always we’ll keep you updated.

You can see the changelog in the picture above.