The US Pentagon has approved a modified Android device for use in the Department of Defense and is testing iOS as well. It is one more sign to show how fastly the RIM’s Blackberry has been falling. BlackBerry had always been the top choice of DoD due to the RIM’s robust security but with the rise of Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS it seems those days are over now.

The DoD has stated that the device must be running Android 2.2 and have Android Market removed completely from its core and moreover all the web browsing should be done only through a DoD proxy server. Only Dell’s version of Android 2.2 has been approved and the device being Dell Venue.

The Pentagon is still testing iOS devices but hasn’t approved any because loading custom DoD software was more difficult on the strongly controlled Apple’s platform as compared to the open nature of Android. Officials also added that Apple’s location tracking system was proving to be a major hindrance in iOS’s approval.

Is this another nail in RIM’s coffin ? We hope not, but things don’t look promising for RIM at all.

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