Months ago we heard rumors about a new accessory coming from HTC and here it is – An outsized, rounded and portable Bluetooth speaker. And guess what ?  It has already been announced on the HTC Accessory website.The brand new portable conference speaker reminds us of the StraightTalk technology introduced in HTC Touch Pro2 a.k.a. Rhodium (later there was a light version found in HD2). If you have missed this one: It is an innovative speakerphone system allowing us to make conference calls with noise cancellation for up to five participants.

The Bluetooth device allows us to connect two phones at once, just as the flagship HTC BH M500 Bluetooth headset did. After turning on the metal outer you’ll be able to hear your favorite music as well. It’s sleek, fits every pocket and it’s durable for sure – according to HTC it’s metal body makes the speaker resistant. What’s best – it’s compatible with a variety of Android and even legacy Windows Mobile phones (unfortunately does not support Windows Phone). If £89.99 isn’t too much for you, do grab it at (currently out of stock) and let us know how it’s working in the comments down below.

Here are some of technical details for the HTC Portable Bluetooth Conference Speaker BS P100:

  • 82.5mm in diameter, height 35mm (on), 28mm (off)
  • Talk time (voice calls) – 12 hrs
  • Conference talk time – 10 hours
  • Music playback time – 8 hours
  • TrueWireless Stereo playback time – 6 hours
  • Stand-by time – 200~300 hours
  • Auto pairing

HTC’s latest Android smartphones kind of missed the business market, there are mostly targeting the youth with their multimedia and entertainment related features. Android, as a spiritual successor to the Windows Mobile platform in terms of configurability, never conquered the business sector. Is this small, egg shaped Bluetooth conference speaker going to change this or at least make some difference ? We will find out soon.