We in the tech world love rumors and we know you love them too and the rumors about the much anticipated Samsung Galaxy S III are not stopping to come by, the latest rumor to add up is that the S III will come with a 3D screen.

Samsung has yetto adopt 3D technology in its mobile phones despite rumors last year of Galaxy S II with a 3D display and rumors of a Galaxy S upgrade with a 3D display ┬ábut none have come true so far. While 3D seems just a gimmick because 3D is yet to gain any sort of hold in the market, we agree 3D has amazing potential but it is highly unlikely to be taken seriously the way OEM’s want consumers to fall for it.

With the support of Samsung this just might come off well for 3D technology and we might find out if this rumor is true or not at MWC in February but this idea doesn’t serve me too well and I would rather not have Samsung try this on their next flagship device.