Yesterday, we reported that HTC had decided on a commercial name for the Edge/Endeavor, and would reveal the phone as the HTC One X at the Mobile World Congress. It didn’t take long till we heard that the VIlle may get similar billing as the One S, forming what appears to be an attempt of grouping all 2012 models under a new brand. Rumors continue to swirl around this theory, with information arriving of two additional phones getting One names.

Pocket-lint has heard from a source that HTC plans on featuring a new mid-tier Android at the MWC, named the HTC One V. The Android 4.0 handset would apparently run a 1GHz processor (no mention of cores). have access to a gigabyte of RAM and also feature a five-megapixel main camera. There’s also been some speculation that this model might just be the HTC Primo that’s already been rumored. This seems more plausible, considering they both appear to be mid-range devices, but not all of the specs reports line up perfectly.

In addition to the One V, there are reports of a One XL. However, the existence of this model seems less certain compared to the other three, and there’s no information regarding the phone besides its name. Logically, it can be assumed that the XL should be an oversized Endeavor, but there’s no solid information that any such hardware exists or is even in the works.