When Huawei introduced its impressive flagship, Ascend D quad XL powered by its own home-made K3V2 Quad-Core chipset, the company laid emphasis on it being the “world’s fastest” phone which we believe was a quite a bold claim and if reports are to be believed then those claims must’ve fallen flat on their face.

Earlier it was reported that Benchmarks suggested that the K3V2 had outscored Nvidia’s Tegra 3 at Basemark ES 2.0 Taiji but now Rightware’s PowerBoard  benchmarks reports suggest that the Snapdragon’s powerful 28nm S4 dual-core chipset powered Pantech Vega LTE Sky outperform the Huawei and its quad-core chip. Well the  the self-proclaimed smartphone king has already been dethroned so this must be a reality check for Huawei and they must surely double check before making any strong claims. All this doesn’t mean that the Ascend D Quad XL is not a good smartphone instead its a very powerful smartphone and benchmarks don’t really matter when it comes to user experience.