We all love Nexus devices because of its timely updates and great support and the biggest complaint against all those makers are the late platform updates and now we have come to expect those late updates. And as expected, we are yet to hear a word from Samsung regarding the Android 4.1 update to its devices but if sources are to be believed then the Android 4.1 jelly Bean update is already been tested on their flagship Galaxy S III and its predecessor and the rollout could begin as soon as next month. Well that would be pretty quick regarding what we have seen in the past.

This is certainly great news mainly for the Galaxy S II owners (and also owners of Galaxy Note and Galaxy Tab 7.7 since they share mostly the same hardware as of Galaxy S II) and since Galaxy S III is expected to get the update but if Samsung plans to roll out the update next month then we are quite pleased.

The source for Sammobile says that the current thinking on the part of the Korean manufacturer is to push out the update for the Samsung Galaxy S II if the one for the Samsung Galaxy S III goes smoothly.

The Galaxy S III is in great demand right now and is on the way to be come Samsung’s best seller with more than 10 million sales in just two months so the Jelly Bean update this quick should make those million users happy and the Galaxy S II is still a hot buy among folks thanks to its reduced pricing and we have already seen it run the Jelly Bean unofficially.

BUt still, you’d be better off taking this with a pinch of salt because Samsung is yet to say something officially but we hope  this turns out to be true.