We reported earlier about the Meizu MX smartphone launching in China and Hong Kong on New Year’s Day and also the full press release by the Chinese company Meizu. Yesterday we saw the launch of the Meizu MX inhe two countries and it has received an overwhelming response to say the least according to reports. Meizu reports of over 900 estimated people stood in line in Meizu’s new Honk Kong store to get the smartphone priced at 2,999 yuan. The device has recently undergone some tweaks since the early devices we saw such as “a anti-fingerprint coating to the camera lens, easier to use hardware buttons, improved aesthetics in internal circuits along with improved build quality, the processor overclocked at 1.4 GHz”. It does not come with Ice Cream Sandwich though but the company has promised the Android 4.0 update early this year.

Here is the official word from Meizu about the launch :

MEIZU MX Launches to Long Lines in China and Hong Kong
HONG KONG – January 2, 2012 – MEIZU launched the MEIZU MX yesterday to eager fans all across China and Hong Kong. The MEIZU MX was made available for pre-ordering on the 15th of December, 2011. As stock was delivered to MEIZU’s stores in major cities around China, MEIZU Stores phoned customers to explain the queuing process. To avoid the chaotic scene of the MEIZU M9 launch last year, only customers who could be guaranteed a MX were told to go to their local pre-order store and pick the unit up. Despite this, long lines with hundreds of customers were formed outside each store. In Hong Kong, the queue had more than a thousand people at its peak.
A Special New Year
To say that the MEIZU MX was highly anticipated is an understatement. Even though being guaranteed units, many fans in Beijing and Guangzhou decided to travel to their local MEIZU Store and set up camp on New Year’s Eve after receiving their phone call from MEIZU. In Guangzhou, the enthusiastic fan Chengguang Ding, who was first in line for the MEIZU MX, was unexpectedly also the same person who was first in line for the MEIZU M9 a year earlier.
Production Ramping Up
MEIZU is currently working hard to ramp up the MEIZU MX production in response to a high market demand for the product. At the current rate, the vast majority of customers will be able to purchase the MX before the Chinese New Year, falling on the 23rd of this month. Customers in China and Hong Kong interested in the device are still urged to place an order at their local MEIZU Store as soon as possible, to ensure that the MX will be received in time.
Founded in 2003, MEIZU began producing music players which later came to be world renowned. Since 2008, all efforts have been focused on making great smartphones, which has made the company one of China’s most loved smartphone brands. As a company, MEIZU seeks to transcend convention and imagination, with the ultimate goal of making products worthy of dreams.

Will you be getting a Meizu MX when its launched in your country ? Let us know !