We already told you about a Nokia Windows Phone coming to AT&T in March i.e the Nokia Ace or the Lumia 900. Now, we have the pictures too. Pictures of the upcoming Nokia smartphone for the AT&T LTE’s network has leaked on a Christmas card that too by a Microsoft employee thanks to the folks at pocketnow. The pictures show what we already expected the Nokia Ace/Lumia 900 to have notably compared to the Lumia 800 such as the front facing camera, a camera button placed a bit higher, an AT&T logo, a 4G icon and the screen bezel below a little shorter than the Lumia 800.

The Nokia Ace will be most probably called Nokia Lumia 900 in other regions of the world  other than US. It is also likely that the phone will be made public at CES in less that two weeks.

Certainly gets us excited about the future devices from Nokia !