Samsung Galaxy Note is the latest Android phone to get the CyanogenMod 9 thanks to XDA Developer‘s member Maul who has compiled the ROM for people using the big giant phone. It is an alpha build and there are some bugs and unstability.

Some of the bugs in the current Alpha version are:

  • Bluetooth is unstable and is not reliable yet. 
  • Battery Usage doesn’t work. 
  • MTP Mode does not work. You need to push/pull files via adb.
  • Camera doesn’t work. Will be that way until we can get our hands on a ICS leak for the Galaxy Note

While most CM builds are flashed using ClockworkMod Recovery it is noteworthy that this particular build for the Galaxy Note can be only flashed via Odlin and if you want Gapps you’ll need to send files through adb. Also we know that this is an unstable build and there’s always a potential that it’ll damage your phone. But if its something you don’t worry much about your shiny new toy and are adventurous enough then Hit the source link below and follow the instructions. 

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